iTero Scanner

The iTero scanner represents the pinnacle of digital orthodontic technology, eliminating the need for traditional dental impressions, which can be time-consuming and uncomfortable. This cutting-edge device captures thousands of precise measurements in minutes, creating a highly accurate 3D model of your mouth. The iTero scanner not only enhances comfort and accuracy but also allows for a more engaging treatment planning process. Patients can visualize their orthodontic treatment outcomes before starting, providing a clear picture of the anticipated results.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are another cornerstone of our technological suite, offering numerous advantages over traditional X-ray methods. They emit significantly lower levels of radiation while providing clearer and more detailed images of your teeth and jaw structure. This enhanced imaging capability allows for more precise diagnosis and treatment planning, ensuring that each patient receives care that is tailored to their specific needs. With digital X-rays, we can closely monitor progress and make adjustments as needed, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Dental Monitoring

Our adoption of dental monitoring technology places us among the most innovative practices in the field. This revolutionary tool enables us to track your treatment progress remotely, reducing the need for frequent office visits. Through a simple app on your smartphone, you can submit regular scans of your teeth, allowing our team to monitor changes and provide feedback or adjustments to your treatment plan in real-time. Dental monitoring not only offers unparalleled convenience for our patients but also ensures that your treatment stays on track, regardless of where life takes you.

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