A Life-Changing Smile Experience

At Monterey Bay Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on standing out in the orthodontic community with a unique blend of experience, expertise, and exceptional outcomes. Our practice is built on a foundation of trust, innovation, and a patient-first approach that transforms smiles and lives.

50 Years of Experience, 3 Prime Locations, & 1 Beautiful Result

This motto encapsulates everything Monterey Bay Orthodontics stands for. With five decades of experience, our expert doctors bring a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of orthodontics to every case. This unparalleled expertise ensures that every patient leaves our office with not just a beautiful smile, but a testament to the dedication and precision that define our practice.

Recognizing the busy lives of our patients, we have established three convenient locations to make accessing top-tier orthodontic care as easy as possible. Each office is equipped with the latest technology and staffed by friendly professionals who make your comfort and satisfaction their priority. Whether you’re near or far, expert orthodontic care is always within reach.

Our Mission

At Monterey Bay Orthodontics, we take pride in providing the Monterey Bay with the finest orthodontic experience in a friendly and relaxed environment. We are dedicated to creating a stunning smile and healthy bite for each patient through individualized treatment planning, focusing on creating facial harmony and balance. By combining our passion for excellence and our love of people and the community, we are committed to providing you with a rewarding journey toward a beautiful smile!

Military Transfer Cases Welcome

We understand the unique challenges faced by military families, especially when it comes to transferring medical and dental care between locations. Monterey Bay Orthodontics specializes in accommodating military transfer cases, ensuring a seamless transition and continuity of care. Our team is adept at handling the necessary documentation and adjustments to treatment plans, making your move as stress-free as possible.

No Referral Needed for Invisalign

One of the most significant advantages of choosing Monterey Bay Orthodontics for your Invisalign treatment is our direct access policy. Patients do not need a referral from a dentist to start their Invisalign journey with us. We believe in making the path to a straighter smile as straightforward and efficient as possible. Our specialized focus on Invisalign cases means you’re receiving care from a team that’s deeply experienced in the nuances of this popular and effective treatment option.

Our commitment to providing the best Invisalign treatment is unmatched. With a deep specialization in Invisalign, Monterey Bay Orthodontics offers a level of precision, speed, and customization not commonly found in general dentistry practices. Our expert doctors utilize advanced techniques and technology to ensure each aligner is perfectly tailored to your treatment goals, delivering results that go beyond expectations.

At Monterey Bay Orthodontics, we’re not just creating beautiful smiles; we’re building lasting relationships based on trust, professionalism, and superior care. Our unique combination of extensive experience, convenience, and specialization makes us the ideal choice for anyone seeking to transform their smile. Ready to experience the Monterey Bay Orthodontics difference? Contact us today to begin your journey to a more beautiful and confident smile, no referral needed.

The History of Monterey Bay Orthodontics

Dr. Gary Palma established a tradition for outstanding orthodontics throughout the Monterey Peninsula. This tradition of excellence continues to this day with Dr. Garrett Criswell!

Dr. Palma is a native of the Monterey Peninsula. He was born and raised right here in the area of Monterey known to locals as “Spaghetti Hill.” Dr. Palma attended the local schools growing up. At the age of 19, he was called to serve his active duty in the U.S. Army Reserve at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Upon completion of his active duty, Dr. Palma attended Chico State University where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Science. He then attended dental school at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco. After receiving his Doctorate in Dental Surgery, Dr. Palma was accepted to a dental residency at Queen’s Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii, but decided instead to follow his lifelong dream of becoming an orthodontist.

Dr. Palma attended the University Of Southern California School Of Dentistry, where he graduated first in his class and received his advanced degree in the specialty of orthodontics. Dr. Palma came back to our community to live and practice in 1979, starting first with a successful office in Carmel and then shortly after with a second office in Monterey. Throughout Dr. Palma’s long and active career, he has been known in our community with the highest respect for the love of his hometown and the bond he has created with his patients as well as his colleagues.

Dr. Criswell joined Dr. Palma in 2010. The connection, passion, and “patient first” work ethic was evident from day one. Dr. Criswell shared the same treatment philosophy and community devotion as Dr. Palma, and the two have been connected ever since. They became partners and as Dr. Palma spent more time with his family, Dr. Criswell transitioned into ownership. Under Dr. Criswell’s direction, the practice became known as Monterey Bay Orthodontics to reflect their love and commitment to the Monterey Peninsula, and expansion began into the Salinas Valley. The Salinas office opened with humble beginnings in 2013 near Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. It has since grown into a full-scale office. In January 2017 the office moved locations and the new Salinas office opened its doors to rave reviews and excitement!

Today, the tradition of excellence in orthodontics continues with Dr. Criswell. The passion and focus on patients, the love and devotion to the community, and the commitment to outstanding treatment are as strong today as ever! Dr. Criswell continues to treat generations of families, families who originally began treatment with Dr. Palma thirty years ago.

Dr. Palma and Dr. Criswell remain close friends to this day. Dr. Palma is now enjoying his retirement with his wife Beverly and their children. When he’s not traveling or visiting with friends, you can catch him, as always, rooting for the San Franciso Giants!

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