Your First Visit

From the moment you step into Monterey Bay Orthodontics, our friendly team will greet you with warmth, making sure your visit is as comforting and pleasant as can be. We have crafted our office environment to be a calming space where you’ll feel relaxed and at ease right away. With 50 years of experience and two expert doctors, we’re confident we will create a beautiful smile as your end result.

The essence of your first visit is to allow us to get acquainted with you, grasp your dental concerns, and discuss your aspirations for orthodontic treatment. It all starts with a detailed consultation process. We’ll review your medical and dental history thoroughly because these details are foundational for devising a safe and result-oriented treatment plan. Following this, one of our orthodontic specialists will perform an in-depth oral examination to evaluate your teeth, jawline, and overall facial structure, pinpointing any orthodontic issues that may need attention.

If needed, we might proceed to take diagnostic records using our orthodontic technology such as X-rays or digital scans. These images are invaluable, offering a detailed view of your teeth’s positioning and the underlying bone anatomy, guiding us toward precise treatment planning.

Discussing Personalized Treatment Options

Upon completing the assessment, we’ll share our findings and discuss potential treatment paths with you. This is an excellent opportunity for you to voice any queries and share your personal preferences regarding treatment. Our commitment is to arm you with all the necessary information, empowering you to make an informed choice about your orthodontic care. We’ll outline the most appropriate treatment recommendations tailored to your specific needs, whether it involves traditional braces, Invisalign, or other orthodontic appliances.

We understand the significance of knowing all aspects of your treatment, including the expected duration and the financial investment involved. Rest assured, we’ll provide a comprehensive breakdown of treatment costs and explore various payment options with you, ensuring that your orthodontic care is both effective and affordable.

Planning Your Orthodontic Journey

Before concluding your visit, we’ll ensure you’re well informed about the next steps, be it scheduling follow-up appointments or preparing for the onset of your treatment. Our objective is to have you leave our office feeling assured and enthusiastic about the orthodontic adventure that lies ahead.

Our Mission

At Monterey Bay Orthodontics, we take pride in providing the Monterey Bay with the finest orthodontic experience in a friendly and relaxed environment. We are dedicated to creating a stunning smile and healthy bite for each patient through individualized treatment planning, focusing on creating facial harmony and balance. By combining our passion for excellence and our love of people and the community, we are committed to providing you with a rewarding journey toward a beautiful smile!

Financial Info

At Monterey Bay Orthodontics, we understand that the financial aspect of orthodontic treatment is an important consideration for our patients and their families. However, we believe that financial considerations should not be a barrier to achieving a healthy, beautiful smile. Our dedicated team is always available to discuss any concerns you may have and provide clear, transparent information about the costs associated with your treatment. We are here to support you throughout your orthodontic journey, ensuring that you are fully informed and comfortable with the financial aspects of your care.

Understanding the importance of affordable care, we offer in-house, interest-free financing options. This allows you to spread the cost of treatment over a period of time without the added burden of interest, making it easier to budget for the beautiful smile you’re working towards. Our team will work with you to create a personalized payment plan that fits within your budget.

Our practice is in-network with Delta Dental and we accept most out-of-network insurance plans. If you have insurance that will be covering any portion of your orthodontic treatment, our office team is always available to help you with insurance claims and paperwork.

For your convenience, we accept most major forms of payment, including cash, checks, and most major credit cards.

Emergency Care

At Monterey Bay Orthodontics, we understand that orthodontic emergencies can arise unexpectedly, causing discomfort and concern. Whether you encounter a minor issue or a rare major emergency, our dedicated team is prepared to provide the care and guidance you need to address the situation promptly and effectively. Here’s an overview of how we handle emergency care and what you can expect in terms of both minor issues and major emergencies:

In the Event of a Major Emergency

Real orthodontic (or dental) emergencies are few and far between but can include situations such as:

  • Injury or trauma to the teeth, mouth, or facial area
  • Swelling or infection of the gums, face, or mouth
  • Intense, uncontrollable pain in these areas

In such scenarios, it’s important to seek prompt medical attention — if necessary, visiting an emergency room might be the most appropriate action. Typically though, your first point of contact should be your regular dentist. Your dentist is well-equipped with the expertise to manage a variety of dental issues, possessing the diagnostic capabilities, anesthetic options, and treatment solutions you require. For instance, if you encounter a broken tooth, your dentist can address the immediate issue and plan for the tooth’s repair. Subsequently, your orthodontic treatment plan can be modified accordingly. Similarly, extreme pain or swelling might indicate an underlying infection or disease, which would be best addressed by a dentist or a specialist like a periodontist.

Common, Minor Issues

At Monterey Bay Orthodontics, we understand that minor emergencies can be a part of the orthodontic journey. While these situations are typically not severe, they can cause discomfort or concern. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring your treatment process is as smooth and comfortable as possible, providing guidance and solutions for any issues that may arise. Here’s an overview of common minor emergencies and how to manage them until you can visit our office:

Discomfort from Braces Adjustments

It’s normal to experience some discomfort after having your braces adjusted. This sensation usually subsides within a few days. In the meantime, over-the-counter pain relievers and soft foods can help alleviate any soreness.

Loose or Broken Brackets

Brackets may become loose or detach from a tooth. If this happens, please contact us to schedule a repair. To minimize discomfort, you can cover the loose bracket with orthodontic wax. If the bracket completely comes off, bring it with you to your next appointment.

Misplaced or Poking Wires

Wires can shift and begin poking the inside of your mouth or become misplaced. To temporarily resolve this, use the eraser end of a pencil to gently push the wire back into place or apply orthodontic wax over the area to reduce irritation. Avoid cutting the wire, as this could inadvertently lead to swallowing or inhaling the small piece.

Lost Elastics or Bands

If an elastic band or the bands around your brackets come off, try to reattach them using sterile tweezers, if you’ve been instructed on how to do so. If you’re unable to reattach the band or if it’s lost, make sure to inform us so we can replace it and adjust your treatment as necessary.

Minor Irritation and Ulcers

Orthodontic appliances can sometimes cause irritation to the cheeks, lips, or tongue, leading to the formation of ulcers. Rinsing with a saline solution or applying topical anesthetics can provide relief. Additionally, placing orthodontic wax on the areas of the appliance causing irritation can prevent further discomfort.

Removable Appliance Issues

If you’re using a removable appliance and it becomes bent or broken, stop wearing it immediately to avoid further damage or discomfort. Contact us to assess whether the appliance needs to be adjusted or replaced.

Tips for Managing Minor Emergencies

  • Always have orthodontic wax on hand for covering protruding wires or brackets.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene to prevent issues related to plaque buildup and gum irritation.
  • Keep a small dental care kit with you, including orthodontic wax, sterile tweezers, and a small mirror, for managing minor issues when away from home.

Remember, most minor emergencies are easily managed with simple at-home remedies and do not disrupt the overall progress of your treatment. However, it’s important to inform us of any issues at your earliest convenience so we can provide professional advice and schedule an appointment if necessary. At Monterey Bay Orthodontics, we’re here to support you every step of the way to ensure your orthodontic experience is positive and effective.

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